Linux Framebuffer Emulator

fbe is an X11 program that will mmap() a local file, and display it's contents as if it were a framebuffer. A program that writes to the framebuffer would only need minimal changes to write to this file instead (mmap the file, remove the ioctl()s). This is very useful for testing embedded applications on a desktop machine. It currently only works with 8 bit indexed color, and 1 bit framebuffers.

Development guide for my changes (indexed colormap):
open/mmap /tmp/fbe_buffer for the emulated framebuffer memory
open/mmap /tmp/fbe_cmap for the color map. This will be 265 consecutive values of 16bit (5/6/5) colors. Send SIGURS1 to fbe (/tmp/ to re-read the color map.

Taken from the picoTK project.