I received a wonderful Meraki Mini, however it did not come with any manuals or instructions, nor any way to obtain them. This is a collection of what I've learned using it.

The most obvious discovery is the web interface, which helpfully explains where to get the password (SN on the bottom of the box), but doesn't offer much configuration.

A web search revealed ssh access uses the username 'meraki', and the SN as password. They use the duplicate entries in /etc/password trick to give this user root access.

The root filesystem is a ramdisk, so anything persistant should be put in /storage.

The system uses busybox, /etc/inittab calls /etc/init.d/rcS on startup, which runs all the scripts in /etc/init.d. The S80meraki script will run all scripts in /storage/late-startup, where custom startup scripts should be placed.

/usr/bin/brain.rb is a glorified shell script that sets up the system. The config files are found in /storage, and you can find some undocumented config options there.

ath0, ath1, and ath2 are the wireless interfaces, they seem to be hard-coded to Master, Managed, and Monitor modes. In addition to iwconfig, I see there is also wlanconfig. I needed to run wlanconfig ath0 destroy to bring down the primary interface and prevent it advertising a network.

The dhcp server config is buried in /etc/sr2.linuxmodule.template. I edit that in early-startup (all scripts in /storage/early-startup) to hand out my dns server and search order.