Audio ID configuration

The behavior of the PhatBox while in SSA modes (only available with certain head unit configurations) is configurable in phatbox.ini. This allows you to tweak how long to wait while your head unit mutes, how long to wait before returning to "track mode", when to start playback relative to switching back to "track mode", whether to play a short clip of the song, and many other things I can't think of yet. These values are stored in phatbox.ini on the PHTSYS partition. The firmware ships with default values we've tested on our head units. Be sure to modify the values under the section header for the head unit configuration you are using. If you encounter any problems with the PhatBox, please revert to the default settings before contacting customer support.

To find the right section for VW/Audi, figure out the letter of your type of head unit. This is what you select in the feature menu to configure the firmware, and should be in the range of A-T. Convert this into a number, where A=1, B=2, and so on. Then (if you remember high school math), convert this number to hex (or just count down the through the list). You should find a line looking like fw.3950.*.0008=VWAudi_v7_6, which tells you to use section VWAudi_v7_6.
Note that you can remove the beep when switching back to "disc 1", the head unit will still mute the audio for a second, which cannot be changed by the PhatBox, so there will still be an interruption in the audio playback.

The key format is:

Where x is
0 - AudioID when already in SSA mode (2-5), this is triggered when pressing the track forward and reverse buttons.
1 - AudioID when re-entering previous SSA mode, triggered when in "track mode"/Disc 1, and press 2-5 to enter the mode previously in.
2 - AudioID when changing SSA mode, triggered when in "track mode"/Disc 1, and pressing 2-5 to enter a different mode than previously in.
3 - Track Audio ID

y is a sequential number, starting with 0, of the order to process the command.

The value for modes 0-2 can be one of the following:

A full Unix path, starting with / (e.g. /dos/tts/beep1.wav)

   "The current ... is", not played when extra voice help is disabled
   "Now browsing ...", not played when extra voice help is disabled
   "To switch ... press", not played when extra voice help is disabled, these files (helpx.mp3) are not shipped with the default firmware, and must be added manually
   Text-to-speech generated title of disc (artist/album/genre/playlist)
   resume playback of list, or start playback if switching lists, the next directive will be processed immediately
   begin playback of list x seconds into song, next directive is processed immediately
   do nothing for x seconds
WAIT x.xx
   do nothing for x.xx seconds - must be precise to hundredths of a second
   stop playback
   Synchronize the display
   switch head unit back to "track mode"

You need to have an END directive and playback started somewhere in the AudioID. Any directive that plays a file will implicitly stop the current playback. With the exception of PLAY, these command will play the entire file before continuing to the next command.


Default VW settings - stop playback, wait .35 seconds (head unit mutes at this time), read list name, resume playback, wait 7 seconds, switch back to "track mode".

audioid.0.1=WAIT 0.35
audioid.0.4=WAIT 7

Read list name, wait 3 seconds, switch back to "track mode", and begin playing after the switch to avoid the mute.

audioid.0.1=WAIT 3

Read list name, play a 5 second clip staring 15 seconds into the song, switch back to "track mode", and begin playback from the beginning of the song.

audioid.0.1=PLAY 15
audioid.0.2=WAIT 5
audioid.0.5=PLAY 0

For Track AudioID (mode 3), the value can be either path or:

PLAYLIST - "Playlist" "Playlist Name" if track in playlist
PLAYLIST_TITLE - "Playlist Name" if track in playlist
ARTIST - "Artist" "Artist Name" if Artist found
ARTIST_TITLE -  "Artist Name" if Artist found
ALBUM - And so on.....
CURMODE - "Now browsing ..." message for current mode
To make the PMM (2.02 or newer) generate the track title files, open regedit, and create a new DWORD key in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PhatNoise\PhatMan" called "MakeVoicePromptForTitle". Set the value to "1". The first time you eject and create all those voice prompts, it could take a while, but after that, the extra time should be much shorter.