Undocumented/Unsupported Features

These unsupported features are not supported by PhatNoise, Kenwood, or anybody. You may need to upgrade to the lastest firmware to get all the features. There may not be a firmware new enough for your head unit to support all these features. If adding these causes some strange behavior, don't call customer service. You MUST remove ALL of these features before contacting customer support with ANY problem. If you have problems you can post to the online message boards or try emailing me. Note that the PhatNoise Music Manager for Windows may remove some of these settings from the profiles.ini and .pbx files when you update your playlists.

A startup sound can be placed in phatbox.ini or profiles.ini. Just put in startup_sound=/dos/path/to/sound.mp3. A value in phatbox.ini will take precedence over one in profiles.ini (put it under the right profile). It will play as soon as the PhatBox first gets a command to play. New: instead of a path, you can use rand:/dos/data/directory/, and a random file will be picked from that directory.

In each .pbx file, you can add mag_random=off to prevent that playlist from being included in magazine random. To enable this, you may need check_mag_random=on to the playlist's profile's section in profiles.ini (older firmware only).

To start the box in random, put random=disc or random=all in phatbox.ini. This may cause screwy behavior on the head unit.

swap_channels=on in phatbox.ini will swap the left and right audio outputs.

Putting force_random=on in the .pbx file for a playlist will automatically put the unit in random mode when that list is started. This must be enabled with check_force_random=on in the playlists's profiles's section of Profiles.ini. The change into random mode will not be reflected on the head unit.

The "playlist resume" feature is enabled by putting bookmark=on in the playlist's .pbx file. The PMM will retain this setting if the corresponding .bmk file (p#.bmk) is present. You can create one by making an 8 byte file, all zeros, or by switching to that playlist in the PhatBox before re-docking the cartridge.

The .m3u files can now handle multiple tracks from one file. Just put a tab, start time (seconds), tab, end time (seconds) after the path to mark where it starts and ends in the file. -1 can be used to signify the end of the file. For non-audible files, the sections must be consecutive and run up to the end of the file. Here's an example:

  #First Track
  /dos/data/file.mp3	0	60
  #Second Track
  /dos/data/file.mp3	61	120
  #Third Track
  /dos/data/file.mp3	121	-1

The time spent inbetween letters in alphabet seek is configured with sleeptime=300000 in phatbox.ini. The number is how long to wait in microseconds (usleep()), between letters.

Removing or commenting out bad_album_db=on will cause the album list to be sorted by album title first intead of artist then album title. To enable letter seeking, add album_seek=alpha to the current profile in Profiles.ini. With newer index files, you must create your own indexes with custom sorting. See the Linux scripts for examples.

list_title_text controls what will be displayed for the "list" (playlist/artist/album/genre) title. It can be any string. %t, %M, %m, and %n will be expanded to title, mode (long name), mode (short name), and list number, respectively.

ssa_track_text configure the track text display in the "SSA" modes. It's similar to list_title_text, where %a=artist, %l=album, %g=genre, %t=title, %T=track number (in album), %f=filename, %p=first playlist the track is in.

Anything set to "on", can also be set to 1 (or any non-zero number). The Windows software may prefer certain values to be set this way.