PlayStation 2 Linux Software

I've set up my PS2 as a true embedded system. Boot straight into an X Windows display on my TV (I'm getting 640x428), with a menu of options (games, mp3 player, etc...) selectable via the pad. I've modified the programs to work at this resolution with only the pad. Following are some of the modifications I've done to achieve this:

Configurable margins on Xgsx server

patch pre-built binary

The X server as shipped with the PS2 kit left a LARGE black margin around the screen. It turns out this is hard-coded in the server. I've modified it to read the values directly out of the environment variables TV_MARGIN_X and TV_MARGIN_Y. It will default to 0 margin.
Replace /usr/X11R6/bin/Xgsx with this binary (be sure to bunzip it first, and backup your original Xgsx). Then set the margins and start X.
export TV_MARGIN_X=5
export TV_MARGIN_Y=5
Or if you start in runlevel 5, you'll have to put it in one of the many shell scripts that start X. I'm not sure which is the most elegant one to do this in, but /etc/X11/prefdm will work.
Updated 1/7/06 How could I forget the DTV margins? Added and updated patch/binary.

PS2 Launcher

Source & Binary ps2launcher-1.1.tar.bz2

This is the Perl/Gtk program I wrote to present a list of applications to the user on startup and allow them to select and run them with the pad.

automatic boot into launcher program

Steps I took to automatically boot into X and the launcher program.


Source & Binary gtktetris-ps2-0.5.tar.gz

From Mattias Wadman - - there's a screenshot at his site. I added support for the PS2 pad, and took away the menu - perfect for use without a keyboard or mouse. Included is a binary linked against GTK+ 1.2 as shipped from Sony. A quick edit of the Makefile, and you can re-compile with GTK+ 2.0.


Diff from lbreakout-010315, binary.

From Michael Speck - LGames. Again, added support for the pad. You still need the mouse or keyboard to start the game. Uncomment some of the lines after the pad driver in /etc/X11/XGSConfig to use the pad as a mouse.

It's now connected via a Meraki wirless bridge, also hackable.

Vince Busam