Vincent Robert Busam
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(310) 293-4140 (Mobile)
Professional Experience
CitizenNet / Condé Nast
Los Angeles, CA
Lead Architect/Developer
Architected and lead development of sophisticated social media monitoring system, processing activity for over 1 billion users, and leveraging that data to automate and optimize million dollar social media advertising campaigns
Assisted with acquisition and transition to Condé Nast.
Python along with Javascript/Java/PHP. MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, AWS, Kubernetes.
July 2009 - Current
Hermosa Beach Education Foundation
Hermosa Beach, CA
Board Member
Handle technology for public education charity.
September 2018 - Current
AYSO Region 18
Manhattan Beach/Hermosa Beach, CA
Board Member
Division Coordinator
July 2020 - July 2021
Santa Monica, CA
Internal Linux development and deployment
Served as technical lead of team responsible for customizing and deploying Linux to internal systems and workstations.
Fixed bugs and added enterprise features to several Linux components, including NFS, Kerberos, CUPS. All relevant patches were pushed to upstream maintainers, and most are in current released distributions.
Developed and maintained systems to automate installation, updates, and upgrades of Linux systems.
Developed IPv6 support for Linux load-balancing (ipvs).
Managed several interns and contractors.
February 2005 - July 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Advanced Products Development
Helped develop car-based MP3 player, controlled by CD interface to existing head units.
Led design and implementation of client/server networking product.
Designed and implemented other leading-edge features for product, including GUI, PalmOS interface, TCP/IP networking, video playback, and video game emulation.
Responsible for all of the "userspace" programs running on the PhatBox in the car to manage the system and interface with kernel drivers, audio decoders, song database, and playback control mechanisms. Most projects involved embedded Linux development in C.
December 2000 - February 2005
Los Angeles, CA
Founder. Designed and Implemented web based multimedia search engine.
Conceptualized, designed and built Network Neighborhood crawler in C/Perl.
Designed and implemented web-based database optimized for high-speed queries against the crawler data (C/Perl).
Founded company.
Wrote Perl based web crawler.
Built systems operations infrastructure, starting with 2 Linux servers and scaling to 200 servers.
Led team in developing new products including integration with, distributed content caching, and web integration of the Scour Exchange service.
January 1998 - December 2000
UCLA Computer Science Department, Data Mining Lab
Los Angeles, CA
System Administration, Project Development
Administered network of 20 Solaris, 4 HP-UX, 2 Irix, and 4 Windows NT computers. Assisted in OASIS and DynamO research projects. Co-authored DynamO paper.
April 1998 - June 1999
Example Work
University of California, Los Angeles
School of Engineering & Applied Science
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
8,281,001 Device-to-device network
7,599,610 Interface for audio visual device
"Analysis of Internet Music Content Distribution"
S. Slijepcevic, R. Muntz, M. Potkonjak, V. Busam
tech. report CSD-TR 030000, Comp. Sci. Dept., UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 2003.
"Dynamo: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Cooperative Persistent Object Management in a Local Area Network"
J. Yang. W. Wang, S. Nittel, R. Muntz, and V. Busam
Journal "Software: Practice and Experience", Vol. 30, No. 5, pp 419-449, May 2000.