Open Source work by Vince Busam

pyWebCash: Online financial tracking
Import and manage bank/credit card statements.

pbbreader: convert .pbb files to .csv files
Another way to get contacts from your current SIM card into your iPhone.

Fix slow startup of snd-ali5451 driver

Fixes for Linux in the enterprise
Google Work

Linux scripts and programs to manage content on a PhatBox

Several useful patches to dosfstools

PS2 Linux: instructions to turn it into an embedded system, GTK game launcher, and patches to open source programs to work with the PS2 drivers

Linux framebuffer emulator - emulates a framebuffer in X Windows (very useful for debugging)
I found this in the abandoned picoTK project, and added colormap support. I wish this was easier to find as I could have used it sooner!

I recieved a Meraki Mini, which came without any manual or instructions whatsoever. I hacked around to discover how it worked, and posted my results at

gheat (Google Maps heatmap tiles) modified to work as an Apache CGI.