UCLA and volleyball resources on this site:

dosfstools updates
PS2 Linux Stuff
Games, MP3 players, etc...
Palm Pilot Stuff
Big Blue Bus schedule
Linux Framebuffer Emulator
Meraki Mini
Notes for hacking on the Meraki Mini
iPhone impression
Convert pbb to csv
For copying SIM contacts onto an iPhone
Netscape Throbber
Replace the meteor shower in Netscape 3.0 with a nifty UCLA animated logo.
Startup/Shutdown Logos
Replace the startup and shutdown screens in Windows 95 with more nifty UCLA logos.
Win95 Desktop Themes
Replace the cursors, icons, and wallpaper in Windows 95 with UCLA Designs.
Volleyball stuff
The sixpak name! Contains a volleyball charting template and All-American teams.
Tehnical stuff
Information on the dorm network, this server, and current Internet stats.
Oooh, the 986! Colored after this page!
While it may seem that there are a lot of Windows resources here, those were created before I freed myself from the Microsoft monopoly. Maybe I'll convert them into an Enlightenment theme.
Student pages on this site:
This page did not cost $100,000!
Vince Busam
Justin Haines

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