PhatBox and Phamily

The following applies to the
PhatNoise PhatBox (may or may not be sold out)
Kenwood Music Keg KHD-CX910/KHD-C710 (in stores now)
PhatBox Volkswagen/Audi Edition (in dealerships now)

DO NOT contact customer support if you have problems with any of these. These are "community supported" tools and features. If any of the above companies have to waste time listening to a problem you have with these, they will have to be removed. First restore the cartridge to it's proper state to see if a problem persists before contacting the official support channels.

SSA AudioID configuration specifications

(old) FLAC support notes (now officially supported)

Ogg Vorbis support notes

Mac OS X Software

Linux Software

Web downloadable firmware updates

Unsupported/Undocumented Features

PMM tips and tricks

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